ISB Tuition Waivers for Active Employees of Armed Forces, Government & NGOs

ISB announced full tuition waivers for active employees of armed forces, government and NGOs on 20th November 2016 during the visit of Honourable President of India, Sri Pranab Mukherjee to the Mohali campus of ISB at our 15 years celebration. To ensure that the objective of these learning being applied to these sectors, the scholarships is being offered to PGPpro programme which allows students to continue working and thereby immediately apply these learnings to their organisations.

  • The applicants have to meet the eligibility criteria of the PGPpro programme
  • This scholarship is available to people who are currently employed in Armed Forces, Government or NGOs
  • The students will continue in their employment during the entire programme. Should the student discontinue their employment, they will be liable to pay the entire fee.

What does the tuition waiver cover?
The tuition waiver covers
  • Full admission fee
  • Full tuition fee

What it does not cover?
The tuition waiver does not cover
  • Application fee
  • Domestic and International travel
  • Incidental expenses
  • Boarding and lodging
The students will have to take care of these expenses on their own.

How to apply?
To request full scholarship, please email a written explanation, along with resume and supporting documentation, to All scholarship requests must be submitted at the time of application submission.

Important Notes
  • The number of scholarships are limited and at the discretion of the school.
  • Employees of the above organisations who wish to apply for the scholarship have to go through the regular admissions process.
  • Mere application does not guarantee admission to the programme or the scholarship.